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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Easy Step-by-Step Procedures in Making Classic Tiramisu Cake.#CakesAndDecors

Easy step-by-step procedures in making Classic Tiramisu Cake.

Let’s talk about Tiramisu.

A good Tiramisu cake is an extraordinary lascivious dessert that is perfect for almost every occasion.

Tiramisu is one the most popular Italian cakes and people around the world considered this dessert that comes from heaven. I will describe on how to make this cake in easy terms. Some people were confused for the origin of this layered dessert. Around the world, people were trying to make their own and substituted some of the ingredients, maybe because of the availability in the market or their passion to create a different one. I consider this dessert as one of my favorite.

Classic tiramisu is a layered dessert consisting of alternating layers of coffee-soaked biscuits, creamy mascarpone cheese and a flan covered by unsweetened cocoa powder for garnishing.

Here are the ingredients and procedures of three-layered tiramisu:

There are two (2) major advanced preparations you have to make before starting to assemble. This is a must that you have to observe always and care must be applied.

1.) Flan mixture or egg mixture

2.) Whipped cream mixture

And, make espresso, or brewed coffee or ordinary coffee (extra-strong). You can add rum or brandy but it’s optional. Remember to make an extra amount of coffee mixture to avoid shortage. Set aside to cool.

Ingredients and procedure to make a flan: (Egg Mixture)

5 – 6 pieces egg yolks

1 – 2 cups of milk (fresh milk)

½ cup refined white sugar

1 tablespoon vanilla extract


1.) Beat eggs, milk and sugar in a two-quart saucepan until sugar is dissolved.

2.) Add vanilla extract while beating eggs and sugar.

3.) Transfer the mixture in another container, to be cooked in steamer under medium heat. Stir constantly to avoid burnt mixture. It must be in “gel consistency” or thick not liquid.

4.) Set aside the mixture, cover and refrigerate. (A must to refrigerate for 20 – 30 minutes).

5.) Mix the cold egg mixture with mascarpone cheese or cream cheese with grated white chocolate. Set aside.

Ingredients and procedure to make a creamy cheese: (Cheese Mixture)

500 grams Mascarpone cheese (if not available, use 16 ounces cream cheese) or 8 ounces cream cheese plus 8 ounces Ricotta cheese)

75 grams Semi-sweet white chocolate bars or more

500 – 700 grams Thick Whipping Cream


1.) Beat whipping cream and grated semi-sweet white chocolate in chilled bowl until stiff. Add grated white chocolate more if needed. The result must thick in consistency.

2.) Cover and refrigerate. (A must to refrigerate for 20 – 30 minutes

Prepare the round spring form pan by wrapping the ring and bottom of the pan with aluminum foil. Always put the round hard board at the bottom of the pan for support.

Now, we have to assemble the prepared mixture into the spring form pan.

Ingredients and procedures in layering in making Tiramisu:

30 pieces or more lady fingers biscuits or any pastry biscuits like lady fingers.


1) Brush the lady fingers one by one with coffee mixture or espresso and arrange in the spring form pan (single layer only). Do not over-soaked before putting unto the pan.

2) Use disposable glove while putting or layering the egg mixture into the arranged lady fingers in the pan. Use only a required amount of this mixture. Reserved for another layer. Be sure to layer the lady fingers thoroughly to avoid hollow portion. Flatten each layer by slightly pushing downward.

3) Next, layer the cheese mixture, the same as in the egg mixture. Same amount and procedures.

4) Sprinkle generous amount of unsweetened cocoa at the top. (optional)

5) Again, layer the lady fingers biscuits, brushed with espresso or coffee mixture. Do not brush the coffee mixture directly unto the arranged lady fingers. It must be brushed first before layering in the pan. Same procedure as above.

6) Again, layer the cheese mixture, (same procedure as above) up to the rim of the spring form pan.

7) Sprinkle generous amount of unsweetened cocoa powder all over the cake, then topped with coarse-grated dark chocolate.

8) Chilled, cover and refrigerate overnight to get the best result.

9) Makes 8 slices.

Note: If cheese mixture is too liquid, add enough grated white chocolate or crush lady finger biscuits.