Yum Cakes for Your Special Wedding #CakesAndDecors
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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cakes for Your Special Wedding #CakesAndDecors

Cakes for Your Special Wedding #CakesAndDecors

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life. You are making your commitment to another person public and openly declaring your love for one another. It is also a time when friends and family members gather to celebrate it with you: it is the best party of your life, and every party needs great food. The top priority for your love feast is the wedding cake. Too often wedding cakes are big on looks, but leave you wanting more in terms of taste. In a perfect world, wedding cakes would taste as great as they look. They would also be made handmade every time and made especially for each customer so it is a one-of-a-kind work of art. These sort of cakes do not have to only be for weddings, but other special occasions like birthdays, graduations, reunions, and so on.

The first question many people have about wedding cakes is cost and what they are getting for that cost. Cake price depends on the size, detail of the cake, and the kind of labor it requires, like if you want a lot of sugar flowers. If you have a lot of people at your event, you also should have a cake slab, undecorated, as well as the decorated cake so everyone can have cake. When you buy a cake, you should be paying for the following services: high quality, beauty craftsmanship, and personalization. High-quality cakes should be made with the best ingredients, no preservatives or mixes, only real butter and real chocolate. When you want a cake of this quality, bear in mind that the cake studios who make these cakes probably take limited orders so they can give each cake the time it deserves. The baker who makes your cake should also be extremely qualified and experienced. Expect beautiful extras like sugar flowers, expert piping, and so on. These are the touches that make your cake unique and special. A great cake studio will be able to hear your ideas and bring them to life.

What does the process of getting one of these cakes look like? For weddings especially, people usually want to do a cake tasting. At most boutiques, you schedule an appointment where you can taste from their most popular flavors and any others that you specifically request. If you have any ideas already, bring them with you to the consultation. This includes any stationary you have, fabrics, flowers, pictures of the dresses, and so on. These designs can provide inspiration to you and the cake designer so your tasty wedding cake fits beautifully into the overall atmosphere of your event. You should be aware of how long it takes to do a wedding cake and order as soon as possible. Making a wedding cake involves a lot of steps, like design, baking, filling, assembling, and putting on fondant. Decorative extras add to the time, and include hand-painting, design piping, and so on. An example of a cake that takes a long time is a Belgian Chocolate Tower, which uses tempered chocolate. Decorative extras also take a lot of time and include It takes several days to make a one-of-a-kind creation so be sure to order early in the planning process.

Wedding cakes should taste as good as they look. Too many cakes are designed to be beautiful, but taste-wise, are dry and bland. Some examples of fantastic cake flavors include almond, coconut, banana, chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, white chocolate, and vanilla. Buttercreams like licorice, lemon, raspberry, coffee, and white chocolate take your cake to a whole new level, and styles like truffle ganaches and mudcakes satisfy even the most faithful lover of chocolate. Wedding cakes can be designed to serve small gatherings (15 people) or large ones that number in the hundreds. If you are having the cake be the center of the evening, you should factor in a large portion size with two different flavors. If you are having the event catered and serve cake after a three-course meal, people will likely not eat as much cake, so a smaller size is sufficient. One of the main cake distributor Sydney is Sweet passion.

A fantastic cake can transform your party into an unforgettable event. For weddings, you want the cake to be the centerpiece of the event and bring all the design elements of your wedding together. The best cake studios will offer top quality and the best ingredients and designs. Cakes of this quality can take a long time, so always order as soon as possible in your event schedule. Whether you want desserts for a birthday party or a wedding cake that can serve three hundred people, always choose the best studios that offer reasonable fees and personalized experiences.


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